Harmonica Classes

Harmonica Classes

Harmonica fits into a pocket nicely and it can be taken out to play whenever one likes to. Handy and economic and easy to learn.

From age 6 any child may start to learn. It helps to nurture a child’s interest in music and to express the child’s emotion conveniently with just a small investment.

Benefit of learning Harmonica

  • Release the tension and develop a high quality music appreciators
  • More confidence and interactive by ensemble with others students
  • Enhance the right brain more creativities
  • Enhance the breathing of Lung
  • Harmonica Class Details

    Age 6 Years Old & Above

    IPC Shopping Centre (besides IKEA)
    First come First Serve
    Class Format:
    Class Duration:
    30 Minutes, Once a week
    Class Format
    Class Duration

Professional Harmonica classes teacher and their location:-

  • Mr. Lee Nam Saw

Harmonica Classes Environment

Harmonica Classes Environment

Harmonica Classes Enquiry

Feel Free to call us if you need any further information about Euphony Musical Classes.

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