Events Instrument Rental

Important events? No problem. Rent a piano from us.

Piano is one of the most elegant musical instruments designed and it’s best to be used in concerts and events. If you needed to rent a good piano for any events, birthday party etc, Euphony Musical is the right place for you.

Euphony Musical Centre has taken care the needs of customers for rental of Piano in concerts or events for more than 25 years.

Below are the piano that we rent:

  • Helicon Grand Piano
  • Helicon Upright Piano
  • Kawai Grand Piano

Piano Rental Enquiry

Feel Free to call us if you need any further information about Euphony Musical piano rental services.

Beautiful young Asian receptionist

Ms.Tan / Ms.Maggie
(Pandan Indah)
+603 4291 7177

(Pandan Jaya)
+603 9283 7177

Ms.Eva / Mr.Kandi (IPC)
+603 7727 1377