Drum Classes


Drum Classes

Basic Drum Set composes of 5 different keys of sounds. It is suitable for any child age 5 above to start learning. Drum helps to develop a better sense of rhythm.

Through learning drum, the child learns to communications and coordination with others and it is also a good alternative to release the emotions.It is good for the more active children to learn drum as it helps to balance their emotion.

Benefit of learning Drum

  • Benefit for learning Ukulele:
  • Train to be perfect beat and ensemble playing with others
  • Release Emotions
  • Patience
  • Brain exercise
  • Built up Confidence
  • Drum Class Details

    Age 5 Years Old & Above

    Pandan Indah, Pandan Jaya or IKANO POWER CENTRE (besides IKEA)
    First come First Serve
    Class Format:
    Class Duration:
    30 Minutes, Once a week
    Class Format
    Class Duration

Professional Drum classes teacher and their location:-

  • Azrin
  • Esmond Tan

Drum Classes Environment

Drum Classes Environment

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