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Gu Zheng Classes

One of the most popular and Chinese Traditional instrument. It is easier to pickup and difficult to master it. Gu Zheng come with sweet and sentimental tune with minimum 23 Nylon string instruments.

High quality Gu Zheng made by the better wood with the year more than hundred years tree and skillful master to produce as an great instruments.

Benefit of learning Gu Zheng

  • Easier to develop confidence for the students
  • Release tension and develop a high quality music appreciators
  • Interactive by ensemble with others students

I wish to learn Guzheng , may I know it is easy to play?

After trading Chinese Zither (Guzheng) for a while, I noticed that its sound is not only beautiful and also implied with humanistic musical range.
The design of a Chinese Zither (Guzheng) might look alike, but creates a different timbre effect of its own. After an observation and data collection for some time, it is mainly because of the material quality of the sound board, the craftsmanship of the Chinese Zither (Guzheng) maker, the quality of the accessories as well as the string quality may affect the timbre quality and their pricing too….

A Humanistic Chinese Zither (Guzheng)

  • Gu Zheng Class Details

    Age 4 Years Old & Above

    Pandan Indah, Ampang
    First come First Serve
    Class Format:
    Class Duration:
    30 Minutes, Once a week
    Class Format
    Class Duration

Professional Guzheng classes teacher and their location:-

  • Willy Yong

Guzheng Classes Environment

Guzheng Classes Environment