Trumpet Classes


Trumpet Classes

Trumpetsounds like the birds high-pitch chirping. It has only 3 piston valves a person with thin lips has an advantage to learn playing trumpet.

Any child who is aged 8 and above may start learning this musical.

Benefit of learning Trumpet

  • Release the tension and develop a high quality music appreciators
  • More confidence and interactive by ensemble with others students
  • Enhance the right brain more creativities
  • Enhance the Fingering more agile and hearing
  • Enhance the physical coordination
  • Enhance the breathing of Lung

When can Learn Trumpet ?

For those who are age 8 years and above can start to pick up Trumpet Class.

Preparing you for the Trinity Trumpet Examination

In the school Band , normally they have quit numbers of Trumpet players . To encourage the student pick up the trumpet is from age 8 years and above.

How old can learn Trumpet?

  • Trumpet Class Details

    Age 8 Years Old & Above

    Mutiara Damansara , IKANO POWER CENTRE, LEVEL 2:
    IPC Shopping Centre (besides IKEA)
    First come First Serve
    30 mins :
    30 Minutes, Once a week
    Mutiara Damansara , IKANO POWER CENTRE, LEVEL 2
    30 mins

Professional Trumpet classes teacher and their location:-

Trumpet Classes Environment

Trumpet Classes Environment