Ukulele Classes


Ukulele Classes

Ukulele originated from Portugal but gained popularity from Hawaii spreading to the world.

It is suitable for any child is aged from 4 to even old people to learn within 5 minutes, one to two songs may be learned using this 4 string ukulele.

It is handy and easy to learning giving the beginners confidence and interest to learn.

Benefit of learning Ukulele

  • Easier to develop confidence for the students
  • Release the tension and develop a high quality music appreciators
  • Interactive by ensemble with others students
  • Easy to bring to any place in a cute and small sizes instruments.

How old can learn Ukulele? is it easier to play?

UKULELE – It is suitable for all ages
Recently, there was a new sales person at the shop whom was very fond of UKULELE. When he was free, he would get one UKULELE then sang and played happily with it enjoyably.
Naturally, we coordinated with all these instruments such as tambourine, percussion music, sang and played together. Those who passed-by were irresistibly walked into our shop and enjoyed themselves that afternoon a relaxed and happy ambience together………….

UKULELE – It is suitable for all ages

  • Ukulele Class Details

    Age 4 Years Old & Above

    Pandan Indah, Pandan Jaya or IKANO POWER CENTRE (besides IKEA)
    First come First Serve
    Class Format:
    Class Duration:
    30 Minutes, Once a week
    Class Format
    Class Duration

Professional Ukulele classes teacher and their location:-

  • Wong Kam Seng - Pandan Indah
  • Vincent Ong - IPC

Ukulele Classes Environment

Ukulele Classes Environment