YAMAHA UX30A Upright Grand

The Yamaha UX30A is a highly sought after piano from Japan. It is a high-quality instrument that will last a lifetime.


  • The Yamaha UX30 is part of Yamaha’s X series. These pianos are made with an X shaped frame at the back, making them a more stable instrument.
  • It is made from high quality materials.
  • It has longer bass strings than the standard U range, which helps it generate a rich tone.
  • The Yamaha UX30A is 131cm tall, and taller is better when it comes to pianos.
  • It is a great piano for those who want a piano with a full rich sound.
  • It is better than most small grand pianos.
  • The quality of the Yamaha UX30A is higher than the standard models.

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